July 2021 – the Big Wedding Month

Hoteliers can look forward to a surge of weddings in July 2021, a leading beauty consultant predicts.

Aoife Crossan said that while many brides are re-arranging their weddings for October to December this year, the most popular choice for postponed weddings is July  2021. She was speaking to Micheline Corr of The Firm on this week’s ‘The Firm Optimist’ conversation which is now available on the link below. 

Aoife also predicted a rise in the number of ‘small weddings’ this year which would involve a civil ceremony followed by a reception in a bar or restaurant. She said that hotels have been ‘fantastic’ in facilitating postponed weddings. ‘They have been very co-operative in pushing out dates’.

Jake Ryan, creative director of Preen Hair Salon said that it is important that participants in Zoom business meetings look their best. He advised women to wear hair ‘tied high up’ and men to invest in high quality shampoo.

Aoife suggested that men wear light-coloured clothing on Zoom and they should also apply moisturiser.  She also suggested that during Covid restrictions, women could look to ‘alternative’ beauty products including tea bags, lavender and Epsom salts.

For lots more tips on looking good as we come out of lockdown, watch the full interview here...