Newstalk’s “Food for Thought” event in the Dublin Royal Convention Centre was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights from leading professionals in the food industry. A recurring theme of the evening was the importance of passion in driving success within this demanding and dynamic sector.

Paul Flynn, Owner and Chef at The Tannery, highlighted the need for constant innovation and adaptation to cater to diverse customer needs. He emphasized the significance of consistency, seasonality, and understanding your clientele. Flynn also addressed the challenges in attracting and training staff, noting that passion is the key to flourishing in this industry.

Fiona O'Regan, Product Marketing Manager at Square, spoke about how their technology allows businesses to focus on their passion by streamlining operations and reducing human error.

Lastly, Kevin Hughes, Founder and Head Chef at Nomo Ramen, shared his thoughts on the crucial role of passion in overcoming challenges and succeeding in the food industry. He also discussed the importance of having a dedicated team that shares the same passion for food and service.

The event showcased the resilience, creativity, and love for food that drive the industry forward, reminding us that passion is at the heart of culinary success.