We love Easter. It is a time of new beginnings and the dawn of new horizons.

And as we unwrap the Easter eggs this year, we think of our many clients with whom we have shared a professional new beginning. Up there in this group are hospitality professionals who have taken a career break and are now working once again in the industry.

We were delighted to welcome them back and to assure them that taking a break need not be a barrier to resuming a career after a few weeks, a few months or even many years. Some were concerned that there had been a break in their CV – but we take the opposite view. A career break invariably creates opportunities for acquiring new skills, gaining valuable experiences, expanding creativity and learning lessons from life outside of the workplace.

Into that ‘CV gap’, therefore, go experiences like volunteering, motherhood and parenting, sports and cultural achievements.

And we add a candidate who has a more objective and rounded view of the industry than those who remain within it throughout their working lives.

We do of course need to work closely with candidates who have spent some time out of the workplace. CVs need to be updated, networking with fellow professionals must resume, often knowledge of what is happening in the sector needs to be refreshed. Most of all however, candidates seeking to resume a career path following an extended break need to be confident. A period out of the workplace in a different environment can erode the confidence required in the recruitment process. We therefore engage with our ‘career-returners’ to restore that confidence, to emphasise the importance of their new skills and experiences and to explain how these attributes, coupled with their previous career experience, make them strong candidates for any post.

The Firm strongly believes that those returning to the workplace bring added value and therefore should re-enter at a level at least equal to what they previously held. We are no fans of ‘Returnships’- internships for returnees.

So, if you are admiring the tulips or are deep in an egg-hunt this Easter, and your thoughts turn to resuming your career, please talk to us.

We have a true welcome and new career opportunities for you in our Easter Bunny bag.