Small but perfectly formed…

No, we’re not talking about Kylie Minogue here, but rather a new trend we’ve noticed in hotels: optimised rooms that value efficiency over excess space…in plain speak, small.  Let’s be clear though, there’s nothing “plain” about these rooms.  Though the square footage may be low, design, comfort and the wow factor still shine through, some rooms boasting a George Clark level of coolness in terms of space manipulation.

The original concept of pod or capsule hotels has been around awhile, starting back in the 1970’s in Asia based on the idea that people only needed sufficient space to lie their head for a few hours. It then developed further afield with companies such as Yotel and Pod bringing about bijoux budget options ($79/night in midtown Manhattan this January!). Global chain Hilton just recently announced a “micro-hotel” brand featuring customizable spaces thanks to features such as fold-up wall beds and multi-functional furniture.

But in recent years, the concept has grown beyond its original, somewhat pedestrian roots. And Dublin is becoming a showcase for this new breed of hotel. These snazzy properties are all about on-trend design while adopting a space maximisation ethos, and they have somehow convincingly managed to turn “small and cramped” into “intimate and convenient”.  Whether magical fairy lights or Hollywood striplights, classic Farrow & Ball or contemporary slashes of colour, the emphasis is on gorgeous interiors and clever, efficient design touches; these are places you want to be…even if only for a single night’s sleep.

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